Dr. Hyrne

Professor of Archaeology at Greenstone College


A quiet woman who serves as Greenstone College’s Head of Vaidan Continental Studies. She has two degrees related to Tevis Yaat and has an office in the department’s basement, near the library.

She encouraged Domglas to join an existing trip to the northern continent, rather than undertaking the journey himself. In addition, she stressed the dangers of being a foreigner in Tevis Yaat and lent him her book, Exploring Vaida: A Guide to the Mysterious Continent’s Past, Present, and Future, so that he could become more familiar with Vaida itself. She also answered several of his questions regarding licensing and directed him to the National Archaeological Commission in Corbham. Finally, she gave him the phone of an Errif Sohner, a junior processes official in Corbham.

Her first name starts with an S.

Dr. Hyrne

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